The Hottest 2021 Bathroom Trends to Inspire and Impress!

At Pier1 Bathrooms we always have our eye on the hottest new trends in interiors! Even if you have very firm ideas about the style you love, you can often elevate your design by adding interesting details or by combining textures and colours in a way you wouldn’t have thought would work. So we’ve been checking in with those at the top of Mount Vogue to provide you with a bit of inspiration for your new year bathroom project…and here is what they have to say!

New Metallics

Metals are now having a revival in all design disciplines! In bathrooms, there have always been a few manufacturers to offer bespoke finishes for brassware with a price tag to match. But this year we are seeing a lot more suppliers expand their range from the everyday chrome and gold to incorporate a range of finishes from nickel, copper, brass and stainless steel, that can really add warmth to a bathroom, right through to matt blacks and whites. New metallics are becoming a lot more accessible and we are super excited to implement these in our upcoming designs.

New metallic finishes for all budgets

Colour is Back!

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a shift away from the all-white sanctuary look and rising use of colour in bathroom design. Be it a feature bath, funky tiles, statement wall-paper or a striking vanity, don’t be afraid to be bold with your use of colour in your bathroom to create a more playful, adventurous look and to reflect your style and personality. Greens are set to be big this year, whether you go for dark smokey forest greens or brighter olive tones. Last year we saw a real uptick in the use of stunning coloured concrete basins in bathroom design and this trend is here to stay. Kast concrete basins come in a range of 28 different shades complementing any colour scheme. We’re sure you have seen them all over Pinterest with their range of wall hung, countertop, cloakroom, double, and freestanding options. It will be hard to find something you don’t like from their range.

Kast coloured concrete basins

New Neutrals

If colour, isn’t your thing, fear not! This year, the ‘new neutrals’ are also top of the charts! Beautiful contemporary alternatives to an all-white scheme, we’re seeing new colour formulations including onyx, beige, pearl, taupe and coffee enter the market and they look just stunning with matt black and white finishes. These tones will help to inject more warmth into your space while maintaining the serene and tranquil vibes of a neutral scheme. We’ll be seeing a lot more of these shades in the coming years.

new neutral bathroom tones

Botanical Bathrooms

This year will be all about bringing the outside in and creating spa-like havens in our homes. Be it a hanging basket with trailing foliage, a grand planter or a boho selection of pots and jars, house plants (or their faux alternatives) will be sure to bring your bathroom to life and are often the finishing touch you are looking for. Not only do they look beautiful but being around nature can really bring a calming vibe and help to reduce those stress levels. If plants aren’t for you, or if you simply feel like being bold, why not try a stunning statement botanical wallpaper. Palm prints are huge at the moment and fit beautifully with so many bathroom schemes.

Botanical bathrooms

Round Mirrors

The essential bathroom accessory, picking the perfect mirror can make a real impact on the final aesthetic of your bathroom, and with trends favouring a mix of softer lines and organic shapes a large round mirror is the perfect option if you want to modernise your space. Framed or un-framed with back-lit options, these beauties will help you achieve the perfect dramatic impact (in a subtle, minimalist kinda way!).

Fashionable round bathroom mirrors

Fluted Finishes

A tactile and visual delight with a look reminiscent of art-deco glamour, fluting started in the kitchen with reeded glass cupboards and has spread just about everywhere, including the bathroom! Delicately ribbed surfaces over vanities, vertically grooved glass shower doors which provide extra privacy at no cost to the visual appeal, and beautifully textured fluted basins – this is one trend we can’t get enough of right now!

Fluted Bathroom finishes

Industrial Style bathrooms

Inspired by the metalwork and equipment found in traditional factories, industrial style bathrooms are featuring in increasingly high-end venues and this trend is well and truly making its way into the home. This style is all about celebrating the essence of raw materials, and in bathrooms, we are seeing this with the introduction of metals, bare wood, concrete, cement and exposed brick. Choose from a range of metallic finishes on industrial style shower valves, concrete effect vanities, or Crittall style shower enclosures, this look is minimalist, raw but ultra-stylish and can be softened with textural contrasts such as natural fibres, plush bath mats and towels to create some truly stunning spaces.  

Industrial Style Bathrooms

Marble and Terrazzo

Let’s face it, marble has never really gone out of fashion in the bathroom but it’s certainly seeing a resurgence! Nothing screams luxury and decadence quite like marble, and with its seamless fluid lines, it brings a feel of organic and elegant comfort to a space. Opt for large format marble tiles to create that opulent hotel vibe – really creating a feeling of space with the minimal grouting- or be a bit playful with some marble hex tiles or metros for a slightly trendier urban feel. Depending on the veining and colour injections it can look so different, and with marble baths, vanities and basins available it’s not just for the walls and floors!

Terrazzo is another finish we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2021. Originally used for flooring in Italian palazzos, its decorative speckled design and soft textural pattern is understated, endlessly stylish and hugely versatile. There are virtually unlimited colour and material options – fragments can be anything from marble to quartz, shell, glass and metal – meaning you can find an option to go with almost any scheme. The mix of materials creates depth and texture, giving the room an artisan feel, and it’s more affordable than its marble and granite counterparts! This is certainly one we’ll be featuring in our upcoming designs.

Marble and Terrazzo Tile Trends

A Feature in the Bedroom

Gone are the days of beige, hidden away, bathrooms. 2021 is about bringing your bathroom to the forefront! If you’re lucky enough to have the space, consider featuring a bath, or even a full suite, in the bedroom! As far as indulgence goes, this is a win-win. You’ll create a hotel experience for everyday living that gives the room a real sense of luxury and also allows you to take time to relax and unwind away from the hubbub of the house. Some extra privacy and no one interrupting to use the toilet! A freestanding copper bath, a traditional roll-top or a chunky boat bath all look absolutely stunning in bedrooms. And moving the bathtub into your bedroom may also mean you can forgo the second bath in your main bathroom, giving you more floor space in there for other things like storage, a large walk-in shower or a double vanity unit. If you’re renovating a house or starting from scratch, this is definitely a design option to consider!

A Bathroom in the bedroom

Creative Tiling Layouts

2021 sees the continuation of last year’s trend for being creative with tile layouts. We all love a metro tile. Timeless and versatile. But what about straying away from the traditional brick-bond layout and having a little fun with it? Herringbone is hugely popular just now, or why not opt for a vertical layout for a more contemporary look. (Throw in a dark contrasting grout and you’re set!). Try it out with pattern tiles as well. Bold geometric tiles are topping the Pinterest charts and depending on how they’re laid they can completely transform a design! This is one trend that you can really be adventurous with for a completely bespoke look!

Creative Tiling Layouts
Geometric Tile Layouts

So there we are…some beautiful ideas to get the inspirational juices flowing! To learn more about our design service or to book in a design appointment, contact us today.

Take care out there xx

Make a statement with colour

One of the most impactful ways to make a statement in your bathroom is with colour… and it is trending BIG STYLE. Whether it’s a splash of colour or a full drenching, this is one of the most versatile ways of reflecting your personality and setting the mood and ambience you desire.

The secret to using colour in your bathroom is simple – use the colours you love the most. They may not be topping the charts, but by choosing a colour that appeals most to you and sparks a sense of joy you can rest assured you will never grow tired of it. Think about which colours you are naturally drawn to, or what your wardrobe is full of, and opt for these in either bright and bold or pastel tones. Alternatively, think about the way you want your bathroom to make you feel and chose the colour accordingly – blues are said to increase relaxation levels, while yellows increase energy and purples emit a romantic and luxurious vibe. If you are looking to move with the times, bold dark colours, particularly navy blues and forest greens, will be huge in 2020, or, for a subtler option, blush pinks are toping the Pinterest boards and look fab contrasted with statement metal finishes and accessories (like towel rails, taps and traps).

Whichever colour scheme you opt for you can rest assured there are plenty of options for incorporating it into your design. Here are a few suggestions from us:

  • Inject a pop of colour with a statement piece. Historically, coloured sanitary ware (that avocado suite!) was part of an over-arching colour scheme, whereas now colour tends to feature as a statement piece providing a visual accent which can really pull a room together. Feature coloured baths have been popular for a while now and with several companies offering beautiful options for a range of budgets in an array of bespoke colours and finishes, it’s easy to see why and we can’t get enough of them! More recently, coloured basins are appearing on the scene. For example, Kast, a booming international brand, create stunning concrete contemporary basins (pictured) in a range of 28 different beautiful tones and textures which offer the perfect statement piece for any bathroom or cloakroom. An alternative route is to opt for a feature radiator. Several companies, such as Vogue, can custom produce their radiators in any of over 190 RAL colours. Not swayed? Opt for a coloured WC. The Italian company, Ceramica Globo, have recently released a range of beautiful ceramic colours that will complement any scheme.
  • Introduce a sense of style with tiles. Tiles are another fantastic way to add colour to a bathroom since they don’t take up any usable space but can transform a design with a subtle touch, or breath-taking streak, of colour and pattern. Indeed, when it comes to tiles, the colour and pattern options are almost endless. Geometric style tiles are currently very popular and come in a range of colours and finishes, including metal trims and inset detailing. Alternatively, Moroccan inspired handmade tiles, whether porcelain or concrete, add texture and pattern and will never go out of fashion. Or for those who love a bit of detail, mosaics are popular for splashbacks, insets and shower enclosures.
  • Create a feature wall or ceiling with wallpaper. The introduction of wallpaper to bathrooms is seriously trending just now. You don’t need a ton of light to really make a wallpaper pop, so it can embolden even a low-lit bathroom. The use of wallpaper in cloakrooms is really popular – providing the perfect solution for completely transforming a small space. What’s more, a range of companies now supply bathroom-friendly wallpapers, so you don’t need to worry about any stray splashes! Oversized floral prints in bold, dark or bright colours are at the top of the charts, or why not chose a personal print that means something to you. Some companies, such as Heritage Bathrooms, will even wallpaper your bath for you!
  • Check out Bathroom Inspiration

London Design Week

At Pier1 we place great importance on keeping up to date with the latest design trends, making new connections, and embracing sustainable bathroom solutions. In March, we visited London Design Week (2019) at the Design Centre, Chelsea.

Packed full of inspiring and knowledgeable professionals and designers, the event draws on brands from around the world united in excellence.

This year’s event offered the brightest and best of word-class talent in design and featured a number of exciting designers in the bathroom industry. We attended new product launches and sought out designer collaborations; took in the latest collections and, an abundance of design inspiration. With meet-the-designer-sessions, artisan-led demos, and the chance to pick experts’ brains we learnt a lot at this event and have formed a partnership with at least one new exciting designer who will feature in our showroom – to be revealed soon!