There are many things you must take into consideration when choosing the right bathroom supplier for you. When you hire a reputable bathroom supplier, you can rest assured that they will look out for your best interests, offer design alternatives that are ideal for the layout and scope of your bathroom, and work within your budget and timeline. An experienced bathroom supplier will have an artistic sense and will be able to help you choose a distinctive bathroom design.

Take your time when researching local bathroom suppliers

Without a doubt you want to find the best bathroom supplier. Even if a company comes highly suggested to you, you should always check out their previous work before entrusting them with your bathroom makeover. Keep researching and don’t settle too fast, you want your dream bathroom to showcase your personality and individual style while still making it an enjoy and relaxing space to be in.
Write down a list of your favourite bathroom suppliers you found and then make a pros and cons list for each one to start limiting them down. Do your homework, set up meetings with your favourite bathroom supplier, view portfolios and visit showrooms so you can examine examples of past projects they’ve completed.

Bathroom renovations are expensive. Most bathroom suppliers will have their own specialties, some of which might range from standard to astonishing prices. Do some research and set a reasonable budget. Always be open and honest with your bathroom supplier about your budget. Once they know what they’re working with, they’ll be able to construct a bespoke design.

Being transparent with your bathroom supplier will allow you to get the best bathroom for your money. All bathroom suppliers are aware that customers will receive several quotes before deciding, and that they are fighting for the opportunity to develop your dream bathroom.

Bathroom Suppliers

A collaboration between bathroom design & supplier

Some bathroom suppliers, like us at Pier1, collaborate with other industry-leading brands. Pier1 Bathrooms collaborates with over 100 of the industry’s most prestigious suppliers These include well-known and loved brands as well as new and rising talent. Whether you prefer traditional designs or a more modern take, we are committed to providing the greatest bathroom styles to our customers.

Designing your ideal bathroom is now easier than ever thanks to our big inventory and broad selection of products from some of the most well-known providers. It’s important to us to acknowledge and embrace different and individual tastes, allowing you to be confident that you can create your bespoke bathroom with us.

A collaboration between bathroom design & supplier