Having a small bathroom can make you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. But this does not have to be the case. There are several ways in which you can make the most of a bathroom. Primarily, you will want to focus on the three main areas. These areas are the floor, the walls, and lighting. If you can maximize the design aspects of these areas, your space can become warm and inviting. Not sure where to start? No problem. This article will help you in getting the most out of a small bathroom.

Before you start

Before you focus on the floor, walls, or the lighting, it is important that you take stock of what you already have. You are not doing a remodel, so you do not need to worry about the fixture placement or the turn radius clearance. However, note the color scheme, the existing lighting conditions, and any shelves or fixed furniture. Draw out the room and try to visualize your final look that you want. Planning before you start is a sure way to secure the success of the project.

The Floor is more than just Flooring

The first thing which should be considered when trying to make the most of a small bathroom is the floor. While flooring is important, there are other ways in which you can boost the floor’s appearance. First, check to see if the floor needs to be waxed or deep cleaned. Any of these needs can bring new life to the floor. Once you have ensured that the base flooring is superb, then you can add accent pieces. These pieces may be simple shower or toilet rugs, or you may choose to have larger rugs in the space. Keep in mind when adding any rugs to your floor that you will need to constantly wash and dry them, as they absorb moisture. Ensure that any floor mat used can be washed and dried easily.

Try to find colors which complement your walls or your fixtures (if you have colored fixtures) for the best results. Avoid using white in floor mats and rugs, as these blend in with the surrounding area. Using smaller rugs in your small bathroom may help to give the illusion of a larger space, while larger rugs may have the opposite effect.

Expanding the walls

While you are not changing the shape of your small bathroom, you can change the appearance of the size of your bathroom. This is done by adding a mirror to the smallest wall. The mirror reflects the space and gives it an appearance of double the size. Of course, avoid placing the mirror near the toilet, as no one wants to have that reflected. To gain a surreal expansion of the room, you could place mirrors across from each other on separate walls. The effect is that the space becomes infinitely larger, as the two mirrors reflect each other.

But you do not have to use mirrors in your bathroom to make the most of the space. Simply painting the walls can help. Dark colors lend to a more cluttered and boxed in aesthetic. Lighten the colors to lighten the mood and give the space a feeling of openness. Again, avoid using pure white. White on bathroom walls gives the appearance of a medical environment. Plus, white attracts dirt easily, and no one wants to see a dirty bathroom. Choose yellows, blues, and pastel colors for the best results.

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Lighten it up a bit

The ambiance of a small bathroom may be transformed through the use of a different light. If you have a yellow light, consider changing that light out for white light. These are brighter bulbs and give a warmer and more open feeling to the bathroom. You could also choose to use an outdoor yellow light, which differs slightly from your typical household yellow bulb. Whichever you choose, ensure that it is bright enough to light the complete bathroom properly. Dull bulbs make the space seem even smaller and should be avoided at all costs.

Basic Warmth and Comfort

The best way in which to get the most of a small bathroom is to increase the comfort of the space. This does not have to be a costly task or take a ton of time to accomplish. It may be something as simple as adding candles to the bathtub space or changing out the towels to add a little color. Perhaps you love music. Consider adding a waterproof radio to the shower. If the shower is cluttered, add an organizer. Use your imagination and creativity to make the most out of your small bathroom. While you may not wish to do a full renovation on the space, you can make the room more comfortable for use.

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