Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles

The tiles you chose for your bathroom will define the final look and feel of your space, and when it comes to selecting them, the options are endless!

Whether you opt for a statement patterned wall or floor, intricate mosaics, or prefer the luxurious sleek ‘hotel’ look, we can source you the tiles of your dreams.

Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles in Brighton

Tile Patterns, Textures, Formats and Colours

The first step in selecting your tiles is to decide what style you’re going for. Neutral or stone large format tiles will complement a big, contemporary or industrial-style room; smaller tiles are perfect for a vintage, homely look in a more compact space.

Bold colours or monochromes in graphic designs are a popular look for the year ahead, as are wood-effect tiles in a parquet layout. Creating a mood board of patterns, textures and colours you love will really assist in the selection process, and our designers will know just where to look to achieve the effect you desire.

Choosing the right tile material for your bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Tiles in Brighton

Another important decision when it comes to tiles is the material you go for. Choosing between ceramic, porcelain, stone, encaustic, glass, and vinyl tiles can be confusing. We are here to help make the process simple.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best choice for medium-cost surfacing with an almost infinite range of style choices. Whether your tastes run to stone, wood or marble lookalikes, colourful penny tiles, or the latest patterned trends, you’re likely to find that the offerings of ceramic and porcelain tile will tick all the boxes, with the added benefit of being durable and easy to maintain.

Ceramic Bathroom tiles in Brighton
Porcelain bathroom tiles in Brighton

We recommend that you don’t use ceramic tiles on the floor as they may crack, especially in high traffic areas such as the bathroom. However, they are a great option for a statement bathroom wall and that feature recess you’ve been dreaming of.

Porcelain is fired at higher temperatures and greater pressures than ceramic tiles, reducing the cavities in the tile and making them less porous and stronger, providing more durability long term. This makes them the perfect for choice for floors as well as walls.

Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles with a matte-finish are made using a mix of coloured pigment, crushed marble and cement, and while they sit at a higher price-point they offer some of the most stunning options on the market. Famous for their beautiful ranges of bold Moroccan inspired patterns, encaustic tiles are now available in an endless choice of designs.

Brighton Bathroom Tiles

They benefit from being hard-wearing, resilient, and have a fabulous depth of colour (which means the surface colour will show through any chips); however, they require sealing and are more susceptible to staining, so might not be the best choice for a busy family bathroom or area that’s prone to spills.

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Stone Bathroom Tiles in Brighton

Choose stone if you are looking for organic beauty and high-end elegance, or alternatives are natural stones such as limestone, marble, granite, and slate.

The variegated colouring and texture of natural stone cannot be duplicated by other materials and will not fail to provide that luxury spa finish. With cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched and flamed variations, Stone comes in a range of endlessly fascinating options.

However, like encaustic tiles, stone is porous, so it must be sealed and polished on a regular basis. Certain stones such as granite and marble are easily scratched and feel cold under-foot.

Stone Bathroom Tiles

Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass tiles are usually configured as mosaics, with their sparkling, lustrous beauty they cannot be matched in other types of tile materials.

Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass tiles are best for creating showy, flashy, fun vertical surfaces; popular for a splashback or shower wall, they create a sense of depth and real luxury. Most mosaic glass comes attached to a web backing that allows you to install one square foot at a time.

Creative Bathroom Tile Layouts

Depending on the tiles you chose you can also be creative with different layouts. For example, a simple metro tile can be laid in a range of brickwork configurations, or in a striking basket weave or herringbone pattern which are popular in bathrooms just now.

Create a feature with hex tiles by leaving some space near the ceiling showcasing a quirky outline or make a statement with an asymmetric splashback. Many tiles with a simple pattern such as the trending Lily Pads can create several very different looks by simply changing the layout.

Pier1 Bathrooms supply tiles as part of a complete bathroom design, or separately if you have everything else covered. We have many stunning samples in our showroom that will get the inspirational juices flowing and with their eye for style and creativity, our designers love nothing more than to provide advice and support when it comes to selecting the perfect tiles for your project.

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