‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ Our TV Debut!

Earlier in the year we were asked to contribute two bathrooms to a house renovation project in Eastbourne for Sarah Beaney’s ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’.  Outline Productions, the show’s producers, wanted to work with a company who could deliver affordable bathrooms with a high-end luxury feel, supplied and installed within the show’s tight timeline. They invited Pier1 Bathrooms to join the project after a thorough search of bathroom companies in the East Sussex area.  

It was great fun working with Alison, the client, and filming for the show. Who would have thought so much work goes into just a couple of minutes of airtime! We started by inviting Alison to the showroom to take a brief of her requirements in terms of functionality and space, but most importantly to understand her personality and style to ensure we designed bathrooms that would make her feel great walking into them. For the main bathroom, we all agreed on a glam but sophisticated feel with whites and greys, including a bit of marble for a luxurious touch; the most important features being a classy bath to relax in and a subtle touch of glitz! For the smaller ensuite, which was for a lodger, we agreed on a similar colour scheme with functionality as the priority, a clean fresh feel and added storage. After a fun day of giggles and trying out the products in the showroom with Alison and her two lovely sons, and some comedy moments of filming, we set to work on the designs.

Within 2 weeks the install was underway. We visited Alison’s home to check the progress and were invited back for the ‘grand reveal’ a few weeks later. It’s safe to say the project was a steaming success, measured primarily by how happy our client was with the end result. The main bathroom exudes a calm and classy feel; a touch of glitter in the bespoke towel rail gives in that special something. Likewise, the ensuite feels clean and fresh, with a built-in recess and fitted vanity providing the added storage required. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project doing what we love the most – designing dream bathrooms for lovely people!