Sustainable products and eco-friendly working

At Pier1 Bathrooms being responsible and friendly to the environment is essential to our ethos, and we hope to encourage our customers to choose more sustainable products which have been created efficiently and with more thought to the environment.

The companies we work with and the products we sell and install will enhance people’s living environments and support a growing commitment to saving water and energy.

Our range of suppliers is continually improving their production processes and their use of raw materials. Our company aim is to promote products made by the most environmentally-friendly production methods.

We understand the importance of reducing energy, water and waste to ensure the products we sell are both durable and of outstanding quality. For example, Villeroy and Boch’s ceramic products, including their toilets and washbasins, will stand many years of use. Their scratchproof and dirt-repellant ceramics mean less cleaning time and better hygiene for your whole family.

Watch their ‘Day in the Life of a Toilet’ video

In addition to being environmentally friendly with our products and installation methods, our environmental policy includes low-energy light bulbs, turning off computers at the end of the day and not using plastic cups or printing paper when it’s not necessary.

We make sure that, as a business and a family, we buy less bottled water, avoid disposable cups when buying coffee and recycle as much waste packaging as possible. Overall, we hope to increase brand awareness on the eco-friendliest products we sell and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We plan to make smart business decisions to prove we have our clients’ best interests at heart, purchasing from green and sustainable companies such as Villeroy and Boch.

As our company expands, we will encourage our employees to be environmentally friendly and we will use our corporate responsibility activities to benefit the community, the environment, our staff and our families.

Here are just a couple of innovative ideas we feel are worth introducing:

Direct flush toilets

These are a new generation of rimless toilets that can be cleaned with minimal effort because of their design. Minimum water consumption, 3 – 4.5 litres, plus the benefit of an integrated compartment for rim blocks, allows the water flow to run unhindered by holders and refreshers: using less water, less effort, and proving more efficient and more hygienic.

Led bathroom lighting

Energy saving lighting can enhance your bathing experience, and we can offer you individually adjustable LED lighting as part of your smart bathroom installation.

Smart controls will switch from warm to cold white light and make individual adjustments remotely to ensure you have the perfect mood lighting or brighter lights for applying make-up or shaving. Just ask us for more details.

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