Modern & Super Clean Shower Toilets

Modern, super clean and environmentally-friendly, the new super toilets which have become commonplace in Japan and Korea, function like typical wall-hung WCs but, when you are finished, you can choose to have the shower toilet function clean you thoroughly and gently, with warm, clean water.

In Japan, the TOTO washlets, as they are known, were introduced in the 1980s and have become standard fixtures in hotels, shopping centres and public places. Tens of millions have been installed across the country gaining cult status and even their own museum.

Available for a range of budgets, there are many advantages of these new, environmentally-friendly, super-loos which require no toilet paper and your whole family’s health will reap benefits from advanced cleaning methods and the DirectFlush technology. Once you have tried it, we doubt if you will want to return to the old ways!

An example is the ViClean-U (pictured), from Villeroy and Boch. It’s is a state-of-the-art shower toilet with five levels of adjustable jet strength, temperature and nozzle position which can be changed by remote control or by an app on your phone. The ViClean-U has both a rear function and a feminine wash, suitable for all. Shaped naturally like a leaf and is not only comfortable, but the design incorporates the shower toilet functionality effortlessly.

The nozzles have automatic cleaning (both before and after every use) for additional hygiene, and the seats have a nightlight and heating function for luxury and ease of use at any time of day or night. The CeramicPlus finish provides an easy-clean coating and, with no lip on the inside of the bowl, hygiene is improved as there are no corners for germs to lurk and the toilet stays clean for much longer.

Shower toilets are indeed the new luxury feature that people are enjoying in their homes; a great way to save money, be an environmental champion and also keep your family clean and healthy.