Before you start remodelling your bathroom, you’ll want to think about the style of it and how you can make it more personal. There are many different styles of bathrooms out there, from ultra-modern to rustic. And if you have a small space or are renovating an existing bathroom, you might need to get creative. Whether your tastes skew modern or more traditional, there is a perfect style for every person and home. Which one suits you? Check out our list below and see which one best describes the look of your future bathroom.

The style of your bathroom should be something that reflects who you are as a person. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or over-the-top; instead, it should be something that comes from the depths of who you are as a person and what matters most to you in life. The right style will give meaning and purpose to your days while relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day’s work.

Modern Bathroom

If you’re drawn to modern design, you may want to consider a modern bathroom. Modern bathrooms are typically sleek, minimalist, and very clean and stylish. Because of the simplicity and ease of use, modern bathrooms are easy to maintain and can be functional for people of all ages. A modern bathroom will often feature stainless steel, glass, and black or white fixtures and cabinets. A modern bathroom can be any style of decor, but it usually has clean lines and a simple design that allows for versatility. Some modern bathroom examples include a bright, clean look with white cabinets, a black or white floor, and stainless-steel fixtures such as a toilet and sink. A sleeker and more minimalist modern bathroom can have white cabinets, a dark floor, and stainless steel. Darker colours such as black and grey are also a common element in modern bathrooms.

Modern Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is all about open space, natural materials, and neutral colours. When it comes to decor, you may want to choose neutral colours that don’t compete with the colours featured in your floor and walls. You can also choose natural materials like wood and stone. A wooden vanity, for example, can fit into a contemporary bathroom very easily. You can also add some plants to your bathroom to add life and vibrancy to a small space. Some contemporary bathroom examples include a neutral and open look with light colours and a wooden vanity. Another more neutral contemporary bathroom can have neutral walls and cabinets, an open space, and neutral colours. You can also add natural materials such as wood and stone to your bathroom if you want to create a more contemporary look.

Luxury Bathroom

A luxury bathroom is the epitome of decadence. Luxury bathrooms are usually feature opulent decor and accessories such as gold, marble, and crystal. You can also choose to incorporate more natural elements such as plants and wooden furniture. A luxury bathroom often features gold fixtures, marble floors, and plush seating. You can also add crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, and other opulent accessories as well. Luxury bathrooms are often large and are meant to impress. Some luxury bathroom examples include a marble floor, gold fixtures, and a wall sconce. Another more opulent luxury bathroom can have marble floors, gold fixtures, and crystal chandeliers. You can also add natural elements such as plants and wooden furniture to make your luxury bathroom even more luxurious.

Rustic Bathroom

A rustic bathroom is typically wooden and earthy. Wooden furniture, cabinets, and bathroom accessories will fit into a rustic bathroom very easily. You can also choose to decorate your bathroom with other natural materials such as stone and plants. A rustic bathroom often features wooden or earthy colours such as brown and beige. You can also add a stone vanity, wooden cabinets, and other wooden accessories to achieve a rustic look. Rustic bathrooms are very cosy and often feature large windows to let in natural light. Some rustic bathroom examples include a wooden vanity, wooden cabinets, and beige stone floors. Another more wooden rustic bathroom can have brown walls, a wooden vanity, and wooden cabinets. You can also add natural elements such as stone and plants to create an earthy and rustic look.

Traditional Bathroom

If you’re a fan of classic style, a traditional bathroom may be for you. Traditional bathrooms often feature neutral colours such as white, black, and blue and classic fixtures such as gold crystal chandeliers. Traditional bathrooms are usually large and luxurious and are meant to impress guests. When decorating a traditional bathroom, you can choose to go for simple and elegant or go for a more opulent design. Some traditional bathroom examples include a black and white look and a gold crystal chandelier. Another more opulent traditional bathroom can have gold fixtures, white walls, and blue accents. You can also add natural elements such as plants and wooden furniture to make your traditional bathroom even more luxurious.

Traditional Bathroom


To create the perfect bathroom, you must first understand the different types of bathroom styles that are out there in the world. It is important to choose a style that matches your personality and reflects your tastes and likes. Once you pick a style that you like, you can start to think about the colours and decor that you want to see in your new bathroom. Remember, this is your bathroom, and it should reflect who you are as a person and what you appreciate in life.