Hi there!

We wanted to introduce ourselves as the family behind Pier1 Bathrooms and tell you a bit about our journey in creating the brand and concept. We are Angus and Steph, and these are our two alarm clocks – Ivy and Clementine.

Coming from Kent and Dorset but having lived all over the place, we’ve been in Brighton and Hove for the past 2 years and have fallen in love with it! Having decided that this is where we belong, we wanted to establish roots and become part of the local community. With our previous experience in the bathroom industry, we were keen to explore what the local area had to offer in terms of bathrooms and was surprised to find relatively few providers for such a thriving area and none that made luxury bespoke bathrooms their sole focus. This marked the birth of Pier1, and we’ve taken it forward with gusto!

Our vision for Pier1 as a brand is to provide bathrooms that exude luxury and quality, with an end to end service to match – providing and installing the finest products to suit all styles and practicalities, from impactful family bathrooms to grand master suites.

We have been through a rigorous procedure to bring in a team who will truly excel in the creation of amazing bathrooms, with award-winning expertise in bathroom design but also a firm understanding of the systems and procedures necessary to provide the quality of service we all expect when making our bathroom investment (as an engineer by training, systems and procedures are second nature to Angus!).

We have a strong focus on sustainable bathroom solutions and aim to ensure our impressive product portfolio is continually evolving. We will be constantly seeking out partnerships with new and novel designers in the industry to keep our product line fresh and innovative – ensuring we can provide that Brighton and Hove imagination and quirk that we all love!

We’re really excited to begin our journey and to hear what you all think. We will be waiting with listening ears to ensure we make our company one which our customers rave about!

Thanks for your support!