The best bathroom features should be included in a luxury bathroom design. It used to be considered a luxury to have an en-suite bath, however your master bathroom may now be transformed into a spa-like experience thanks to current technology and design. We put together a list of our favourite elements of a designer bathroom, whether you’re getting ready for a remodel or planning the layout of your new bathroom.

Two Sink Vanity

With its recent resurgence in popularity, a double sink feature is a hard trend to ignore. Expensive double sink vanities first appeared in high-end hotels and are now making their way into our homes. Because of their larger size, you can multiply your under-sink storage space, keeping your bathroom clutter-free. A double sink vanity gives you your own private place that you can use whenever and however you like. Also, a fantastic feature for avoiding those long morning bathroom queues!

Two Sink

Integrated Vanity Lighting

Without a mirror, we can all agree that a bathroom is incomplete. Consider a bathroom mirror that is lit. Installing an illuminated mirror is a simple way to add individuality to your bathroom and create a pleasant ambience, in addition to being a functional purpose. Their long-lasting durability, yet sleek and minimalist, may quickly change your home. After a long day, the soothing yet natural ambient lighting can be utilised in place of your primary light to create a relaxing ambience in the bath. This is particularly useful during the night when you don’t want bright lights flashed in your eyes.

Marble Tile Floors and Walls

Marble tile is one of the most opulent surface options for a luxury bathroom and is the material of choice if you want to create a space that screams class, elegance, and luxury. When it comes to choosing which marble to use in your bathroom, you have a lot of options. A light-coloured finish will make a bathroom appear larger and lighter. A custom-built shower is also an excellent area to showcase marble tile.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the epitome of luxury. The sensation of stepping across warm marble floors, whether bare or wet feet, brings home the delight of a truly luxurious bathroom design. There’s no worse way to start the day than by stepping barefoot onto a cold tile floor. There are also environmental advantages to underfloor heating.

Freestanding Bathtub

We’ve always been big fans of freestanding bathtubs. Of course, while you’ll love your shower on a daily basis, sometimes a lengthy soak is all you need, and a standalone bathtub is a great way to swiftly upgrade your bathroom to new levels of luxury.

Freestanding Bath Tub

Shower Niche

A shower niche is an often-overlooked feature that could be exactly what you need. A niche sunken into a shower wall is by far the most popular solution if your shower lacks specialised room for shampoo bottles and other products. There are a variety of designs to choose from, but make sure the measurements can support the height and number of products you usually store in the shower, as well as some additional area for overflow. A niche also provides an opportunity to add some extra flare to the shower.

Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel rails make drying and heating your towels exceedingly convenient when you get out of the bath or shower. They also help to keep your bathroom more sanitary by keeping towels dry and free of germs and mould. In addition, it’s a perfect method to store your towels while freeing up space for other bathroom necessities.