It’s the year 2020 and technology has been introduced into all aspects of life and that includes the bathroom. From virtual reality designs, where you can literally walk through your finished bathroom space before the first tile has even been laid, to seeing your chosen products in 3D, even if your local showroom does not have them on display. There are so many ways to access technology and apply it to your bathroom, from innovative lighting solutions, to heated towel rails, washing-toilets, the incorporation of waterproof multi-media systems, and beyond. We give you a taste of just a few of the options…

Lighting innovations

Bring a sense of life and atmosphere to your bathroom space with the latest lighting innovations. You can opt for lights that turn on and off automatically when you enter and leave, and even programme your lighting levels for different activities, achieving the perfect conditions for applying makeup or the perfect ambience for a soak in the bath. Take it further by harnessing the power of chromotherapy, which uses coloured lights to enhance your mood. The LED sensored lights are embedded in the tub or the shower head/surround itself, and can be changed depending on how you feel. Require extra relaxation? Use turquoise or purple. Need to stimulate your creativity? Yellow and orange will work great. Green brings balance, and white clarifies and cleanses. Compliment this with some speakers built into your bath or shower to provide your required audio and you have a winning combination!

Digital advances

One innovative way Vado has utilized technology is with their Sensori range – allowing you to control your shower or bath digitally with touch sensitive shower valves and a remote control which stores all your flow and temperate settings for a personalised experience. Set your shower to the perfect temperature before you even step in! Memory settings are at the core of every great digital valve. From saving temperature, flow and time preferences to storing multiple settings for each member of the family, memory settings look to offer convenience at the touch of a button. Electronically controlled water temperature is also becoming more and more common for free-standing tubs. This way, your bath water is of a uniform temperature that you can sit in right away, instead of having to heat it up or wait for it to cool down a little, wasting water and time. Other companies have come up with electronic timers that you can set for tasks like brushing your teeth. Basically, the tap will run for a few seconds while you wet your brush. Then it will shut down for the amount of time that you decide, and resume so you can rinse your brush and your mouth. If you have trouble brushing your teeth for the recommended three minutes, the faucet timer can help you with that.

The ultimate in bathroom indulgence

With our busy lifestyles, finding time to relax is becoming more and more important, and what better way to facilitate this than by indulging in your favourite programme whilst soaking in the tub! The addition of a flat screen TV to the bathroom is becoming more and more popular. ProofVision provide the sleekest of designs and most advance technology with their built-in fully waterproof 4K Smart TVs. Their heated screens, ultra-thin profile, and waterproof remote control gives you a luxurious bathing experience. Each TV comes with 2 waterproof speakers which can be installed anywhere for that customised surround sound experience. Most models come with a mirror finish that allow them to blend in when not in use. And if you want to take your Netflix and chill to the next level still, install a plasma fire and a small cooler next to your tub for easy access to your favourite drinkable bubbles, while being massaged by hydrotherapy bath jets!

Hygiene solutions

At a time when hand-hygiene is of the upmost importance, battered plastic bottles and faulty soap pumps are going to be a thing of the past. A new wave of automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitisers is hitting the bathroom gadget market. They are sleek, attractive, and make hand washing more hygienic. Likewise, hand-sensor taps, which significantly reduce water waste and turn on and off without you needing to touch anything, and other earth-friendly gadgets, will become a staple part of bathroom designs moving forward.

The best thing is you can pick and choose how far you go with bathroom technology– go all out with a fully automated bathroom or just pick and choose a couple of techy features to add some special touches. Additionally, don’t feel you can only incorporate technology into an ultra-modern design, even the most traditional of bathrooms can be enhanced by the subtle incorporation of hidden technology solutions to enhance the luxury level and improve practicality. And the good news is that as this technology becomes more common place, the prices are becoming more and more competitive, meaning that it doesn’t have to be an option for only the most extravagant of budgets.

Speak to our designers to explore the right technology solutions for you and we will build them in to your bathroom design!